John 1:14 (MSG)

The Word became flesh and blood,

and moved into the neighborhood.

We saw the glory with our own eyes,

the one-of-a-kind glory,

like Father, like Son,

Generous inside and out,

true from start to finish.



We are an alternative spiritual community that is an inclusive, multiethnic, people of color led network of house churches called city villages. The Gospel of John says that God put on flesh and moved into the neighborhood (Jn 1:14, MSG). There is no divide between the sacred, secular, profane, and ordinary. God connects all things and people. We seek to be a church that lives this incarnational reality by doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly in everyday life, with our city villages, in homes, coffee shops, bars, the outdoors, the streets - in our neighborhoods. We are looking for people who hunger for this lifestyle to help us build these city villages, one at a time.

We welcome people from diverse backgrounds that are searching for spiritual community, who have struggled to find it in mainstream spaces of the church and society. Our desire is to create spaces of revolutionary love and spirituality to heal what causes hate, greed, and exclusion; and to build up communities which center the flourishing of people on the edges of the church and society.

We value a diversity of faith expressions, including those who are seeking and unsure of faith. The Good Neighbor Movement is a new church start affiliated with the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are also linked to and shaped by other networks such as: Christian Community Development Association, V3 Church Planting Movement, Faith-Rooted Organizing UnNetwork, Parish Collective, Center for Prophetic Imagination, Mystic Soul Project, and Beloved Community Center



The Good Neighbor Movement is guided by beliefs, principles, and practices that refuse the dichotomies of sacred and secular, pure and profane. The origins of these convictions are in Christian sacred texts and traditions as well as the rituals and cosmologies indigenous to ethnic minorities.

Radical Equity - those historically oppressed lead and are centered in order to establish a restorative culture

Social Transformation - community and political engagement in a way that compassionately (suffers with) addresses root causes and solutions of injustice and contributes the church's unique gifts

Contemplative Spirituality - cultivating sacred and cultural practices which bring healing to the self in community for both the oppressed and oppressor

Base Community - the church is the movement of people and places at/toward “the bottom” or base as a network of mid-sized communities (city villages) where everyone is known, committed to transformative presence in a particular neighborhood, and a “hidden-in-plain-sight” alternative to and presence within empire, all held within a communal rule and rhythm of life (covenant) based in Jesus's teachings and ministry

The Gospel = God is our good neighbor - the social trinity (God=community within God’s self and with the world), Jesus as prophet-priest-liberator-sage, the incarnational-sacramental-Ubuntu nature of the divine (God is in and with all created things – imago dei), and the redemptive story (creation, fall, Israel, Christ, church, new creation)