A few of the members of The Good Neighbor Movement before heading out on the streets to listen to neighbors' stories ! 

A few of the members of The Good Neighbor Movement before heading out on the streets to listen to neighbors' stories

Hi! Thanks for visiting us online. On behalf of the people and communities of The Good Neighbor Movement, we welcome you!  The Good Neighbor Movement seeks to be one expression of the re-founding of the Jesus-movement in the church in America through  demonstrating radical hospitality and solidarity among diverse neighbors in local neighborhoods. A movement that returns to a vision of the local church as networks of small covenant communities that follow Jesus’ way of life in the neighborhood. A movement that returns to the local church’s primary focus being relational and transformational disciple-making throughout the week in our homes, in coffee shops, bars, on the streets, outdoors, in third spaces. A movement inspired by the faithful witness of the African hush harbors of the antebellum period and the international Base Ecclesial Communities of the mid-20th century, community groups in border spaces characterized by radical formation and friendship, and fierce revolution. We recognize that there are diverse people from ethnic minority backgrounds across this nation who are hungering for this movement as a matter of life and death! 

Greensboro is a place with fertile soil for movement. Greensboro boasts an incredible 165 languages that are spoken in the Guilford County school system. Downtown is a global microcosm, an eclectic mix of people gathering in parks, at museums, in coffee shops, at bars, on stages. As a site of the historical sit-ins of the Southern Black Freedom Movement as well as the more recent Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission, this city has a legacy of widening the margins of community to be more inclusive, just, and spirit-led!

Our belief is that the moral and spiritual tyranny we face in our country does not have the final word. We believe that villages can raise up disciples in our generation, two and three at a time to seek inner and outer transformation. As one prominent Greensboro faith leader often says: "crowds do not grow disciples." Our work will be slow, dynamic, and aimed for the long haul. Would you join us in building these city villages, one at a time? Subscribe to our blog to stay connected. We'd love to meet you, hear your story, and see how we can collaborate for good. Thanks for visiting us!