A New Creation

A New Creation

In Genesis 1, we witness God forming, shaping, naming, and creating. God makes the distinction between land, water, vegetation, and bore fruits (1:9-13). There is beautiful creation of the moon, sun, stars, and seasons (1:14-19). God further creates sea creatures and birds, blesses them to multiply (1:20-23). Lastly, there is creation of more wild animals, animals to live on land and humankind (1:24-31). The creation story is a story that some might consider a rudimentary introduction of the book; however, this story is oftentimes used to serve as evidence that God is real and visible in nature. This passage and process of God’s creation shares insight to the creation metanarrative of The Good Neighbor Movement (TGNM). 

I'm here with hope

I'm here with hope

On Dec. 4, 2017, I stepped back into full-time teaching in a high school classroom after being out of full-time teaching for over 4 years. The FINAL opportunity to pay a loan through years of service (specifically service in teaching) thrust my plans for returning into the classroom forward about six months. The decision was to re-enter the classroom now or have a whopping $20,000 added to my loans towards the American Dream (that is, educational debt).  What a transition—for my boys, for Brandon, for me. I felt like I was losing so much on Dec., 4, 2017 (truth be told, I still feel this way). Because, to be honest, I was—I still am.

I am not alone: a story of transitions

I thought I had it all - two kids, healthy family, good job…. But I was not a very spiritual person. Then things started to change. My ex (the kids' birth mother) took the kids away from me. This devastated me and drove me away from spirituality. How could God allow this to happen? I threw myself into work, trying to fill the voids in my life.

Generous Inside and Out

This past week has been a full one for us as we added a second son to our little family. We are blessed enough to have the boys’ grandparents (both sets) live nearby so they were able to come stay with us or bring us food or watch our 2-year old so we could get used to our newborn. Our house was full, both literally and figuratively- full of love, support, food, laughter- all ordinary, divine moments. As our weekly city village potluck dinner arrived only four days after our son was born, we felt we had room in our hearts and home for more. It was our week to host the meal, so we did.

Recognizing the holy in the wild....

Erica and I woke up around 6am last Saturday morning. We needed to get at least some of the pile of dishes and clothes washed so we could stay afloat the next week. The window of freedom was closing on us. Our sons were with my mom for only another 24 hours. How in the world were we going to pull off housekeeping, a neighborhood prayer walk, a training in nonviolent fusion moral direct action, and a date night in 24 hours? I wasn't feeling too spiritual to lead the prayer walk in less than a couple of hours. I managed to come across a passage of Scripture in Isaiah: 


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